Pictured: Nestor Makhno and a member of the Anarchist and Antifascist Territorial Defense Battalion in Ukraine.

Support Ukrainian and Belarusian Anarchists and Antifascists!

If you are able, please consider donating to Solidarity Collectives, the Anarchist Black Cross Belarus, and/or the Anarchist Black Cross Moscow. All three are making a significant and meaningful difference to our comrades in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. Donations to Solidarity Collectives support frontline Anarchist and Antifascist fighters and Ukrainian internally displaced people and refugees. You can also opt to donate only to the later. In the case of ABC Belarus and ABC Moscow, your donation directly supports anarchist and antifascist prisoners.

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Anarchist Black Cross Belarus

Supporting Belarusian Anarchist Political Prisoners by paying legal fees and providing food and other necessities for those already imprisoned.

PayPal | Bitcoin | SEPA/Bank Transfer (EU Only)

Solidarity Collectives/Anarchist Black Cross Dresden

Direct support for members of the Anarchist and Antifascist Battalion resisting the invastion (upgraded body armor and helmets, etc.) and mutual aid for displaced/devistated civilians. You can donate only for mutual aid work if desired.



Zine Collections

For Our Freedom and Yours!: Anarchists, Anti-Fascists, and the War in Ukraine (June 2022): PDF for Printing

On the Front Line: Anarchist Resistance and Mutual Aid in Ukraine (June 2022): PDF for Printing

Solidarity is Our Weapon: Repression and Resistance in Belarus (July 2022): PDF for Printing

Why We Fight: Anarchists and the Struggle for Freedom in Ukraine and Russia (June 2022): PDF for Printing

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