Title: Two Anarchists Arrested in Moscow
Author: Anonymous
Date: 2022
Source: Retrieved on 2022-07-12 from anarquia.info

There is "news" that hits like a punch in the face. They sound like something out of a Dostoevsky novel, but their date is March 6, 2022.

Two fellow anarchists determined to act against the war, and willing to die for it. They are now hostages of the Russian state.

How much we must shake off our indolence for such a disproportion of humanity and courage to be crushed.

During an anti-war demonstration held on March 6, 2022 in Moscow, Anton Sergeev and Vladimir Zhuchkov planned to use Molotov cocktails to set fire to the still empty trucks arranged to transport people detained at the demonstration, and then take a lethal dose of methadone and die.

But Vladimir and Anton were caught before their action. The police and national guard tried to prevent the demonstration in this way, so they detained everyone on the way to the rally point.

After the arrest, they found the Molotov cocktails but not the methadone. Anton and Vladimir, aware that they would end up in jail and would have no way to influence the situation, took a lethal dose of methadone during their arrest. However, the officers noticed that the boys were feeling unwell and took them to the hospital. Anton and Vladimir spent about a week in intensive care, and once they were conscious again, they were arrested. At first they were accused of being prepared for «hooliganism». But the case came to the attention of the FSB [the national secret service] and the charge was reclassified as «preparation for a terrorist attack.» Anton and Vladimir are currently imprisoned in "Butyrka," the notorious Moscow detention center where many political prisoners are held.

Anton grew up in institutions, so he has no family to support him.

You can support Anton and Vladimir through ABC-Moscow (write an email if you send money for them).

Letters should be written in Russian.

Always with the wind in your sails!


Vladimir Andreevich Sergeev,
1985 g.r. SIZO-2,
ul.Novoslobodskaya 45,
127055 Moscow, Russia
Anton Aleksandrovich Zhuchkov,
1983 g.r. SIZO-2,
ul. Novoslobodskaya 45,
127055 Moscow, Russia
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