Title: Blood on Your Hands
Subtitle: Regarding information about torture of Anarchist partisans
Author: Pramen
Date: 2021
Source: Published on 2021-12-28 on Pramen.io

Today the sister of anarchist Dmitry Dubovsky published a short story after visiting the activist in the prison. The story is about the torture of the partizans in the first days after the detention: the pigs cut the skin off Igor Olynevich’s feet, Dubovsky was strangled with a plastic bag and hung up in a so called “swallow”. Previously, it was already reported that Sergei Romanov cut open his veins because of beatings by border guards.

We are well aware that anarchist activists have repeatedly faced beatings by the punitive authorities. But since August 2020, the cops no longer have any brakes at all. This blatant sadism existed in the so-called “law enforcement” agencies even before the protests began. A person does not turn into an animal overnight. Many tortures and beatings before the “politicals” were tried on ordinary prisoners.

The story of the anarcho-partisans is just a drop of what is now happening in the country. There are thousands of people sitting behind bars who have no voice at all and we have no doubt that they are being beaten and tortured on an ongoing basis. Even after they are sentenced. The Belarusian dictatorship has evolved from an authoritarian regime into a sect of sadists, ready to shed blood not just to keep power, but to enjoy the process itself. If you have any doubts about the people working in the Ministry of Internal Affairs/KGB system, then think of all those who are now fighting in prisons for your and our freedom.

We will never forget every drop of blood spilled in the fight against the regime. For every groan and cry, not only the officers, but every asshole who carried out the sentence will pay. You may have won in 2020, but the war against the dictatorship continues!

Until everyone is free!

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