Title: One for all and each for himself?
Author: Pramen
Topics: Russia, Ukraine, war
Date: 2022
Source: Retrieved on 2022-11-01 from pramen.io

A little more than two days have passed since the mobilization began in Russia. During this time, dozens of large marches have taken place across the country and over a thousand people have been detained. No revolution has taken place yet, but Russian society is quickly becoming agitated. Suddenly, those who were not interested in politics before, start paying attention. It is sad, of course, that seven months of full-scale invasion of Ukraine have not activated people, but that will not change. It is possible and necessary to criticize the people of Russia for this, but now it is much more important to support those who collectively resist the regime in one form or another.

Collectively, not individually. The fastest ones have already packed their bags and left. Some are still hoping that they will be able to break through the border, and some have simply surrendered and are going to the recruitment center voluntarily. But only collective action against Putin’s regime can stop the mobilization and war in Ukraine. Not individual acts of fleeing the country, but an organized movement inside. According to Novaya Gazeta, Putin may mobilize up to 1 million citizens for the slaughter. And it’s not just 1 million people who find themselves suddenly drawn into the war. These are families and friends who will be watching what is happening and doing everything possible to get their loved ones back. The only sure way to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of ordinary Russians would not be to flee the country, but to resist the regime. With rocks, sticks, and guns in their hands. In small groups and mass protests. Forget about legality and laws. The regime is not interested in your rights and your ideas of what you deserve. You will have to fight by all available means, not just those allowed by the Democrats.

Yes, it will be hard. Yes, the repression will be brutal, but the time has come for the peoples of Russia to rise up once again for freedom from tyrants, and this time to fight not for new masters of the country, but for a world without presidents and tsars.

Many Russians today say to such appeals – “you come and do it” – as if there had not been Syria, Maidan, uprising in Belarus, or dozens of protests around the world in recent years. People are rising up and fighting for freedom, giving their lives so that tomorrow will come for everyone, not just the few richest. So sharpen your pitchforks, dear Russians, it is time not to flee, but to fight and not on foreign soil for the political ambitions of a dictator, but at home, for freedom, equality and justice.

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