Title: Some news about Ivan, an inmate in Villepinte prison
Author: Ivan Alocco
Date: 2023
Source: Retrieved on 2023-04-21 from Dark Nights

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Hello, I am writing to give some news about my detention and investigation.

The “attentions” that the prison administration (and/or the preliminary investigation judge?) show me continue. More reprisals for my hunger strikes? Who knows.

In any case, on February 14 there was the third search of my cell (after those of December 6 and January 9). Around 7:30 p.m. the ERIS (anti-terror cops) arrived, with helmets, balaclavas and shields. There were a dozen of them, one officer was holding papers, on the first one I could see my photograph. Ours was the only cell searched in this section (but they let a dog through the corridors), two other cells in another section, I don’t know in the other buildings. The prison warden, Michael Merci, and the assistant warden were also there, watching, from behind the glass doors. As soon as we were out of the cell, they handcuffed us, me and my concellino (who had been here in the section for just a week) and took us to the shower room, on the ground floor, for the traditional body search. We were locked in the showers during the two-hour cell search. They found a cell phone with a charger. On Tuesday, March 21, I then went to the disciplinary board. As punishment, I am deprived of the spesina for 30 days.

On March 30, same thing. The ELAC (the prison security “squad”) arrived and the story started again.

As for the investigation, in recent months new elements have been incorporated into the dossier. The most significant is that the police were able to gain access to my computers, even though they were encrypted. The one at work, on which Windows is installed, is encrypted with BitLocker. A report incorporated with the file earlier says that they had already tried to access it during my police detention, but had not succeeded. But in September, the Brigade d’appui en téléphonie, cyber-investigation et analyse criminelle (Brigade of support in telephony, cyber-investigation and criminal analysis) sent SDAT a copy of the hard drive. In the report, they explain only that they booted the computer with a USB stick and then used the AccesData FTK imager 3.3.05 program to copy the hard disk. But they do not mention the decryption operation itself.

My personal computer, running Ubuntu 18, is encrypted with Luks (the password is more than twenty characters: letters, digits, punctuation marks…). I did not find in the file any indication of the means they used to decrypt it, but again they made a copy of the hard drive. There are even files that had been deleted and e-mails that had been downloaded with Thunderbird (and then deleted). They found nothing that could be related to the fires I am accused of. But I think the very fact that they were able to have access to encrypted hard drives with programs supposed to be inviolable should be known as widely as possible.

My mail continues to be severely slowed down (on average, I receive letters a month and a half to two months after they are mailed): the preliminary investigation judge reads all the letters I get and write. Four of my letters were photocopied and incorporated into the file: two that I had written to people from the anti-prison magazine l'”Envolée,” one addressed to Boris (the comrade from Besançon who is in the hospital following the fire in his cell, in the Nancy prison, in August 2021) and the one, addressed to the Gare, near Bure, in which I explained that in “my” dossier appears the complaint that the editor-in-chief of the regional newspaper l'”Est Républicain” filed against the administrators of the website burebure. info for reproducing the claim of a car fire at the newspaper (a fire for which I am accused)

Otherwise, my preventive detention has been extended until mid-June.

I am fine, my spirits are high and I am sorry I cannot be in the square these days. A thought in solidarity for Alfredo (and all the compas in prison).

Solidarity is the attack! Long live anarchy!

Ivan April 8, 2023

Ivan’s address:

Ivan Alocco N. d’ecrou 46355 Maison d’Arrêt de Villepinte 40, Avenue Vauban 93420 Villepinte France

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