Title: Notes from Wielding a Fire Extinguisher on 04.18
Author: Anonymous
Date: 2023
Source: Retrieved on 2023-04-21 from Filler Distro

Good work out there in the streets last night, fellow carriers of the mind-virus!

Last night, you may have noticed a little excitement around the use of a fire extinguisher. It was a small thing, almost not worth mentioning, but I wanted to tell you all about some tactical lessons of that particular party trick.

  1. Use your home-field advantage against the occupying force

The comrade in question knew of a way to get behind the police lines by going through an adjacent building. The police obviously were not expecting this, and they were caught unawares.

  1. Use found objects & infrastructure to your advantage

We all know that getting caught in possession of bricks or rocks or poles will increase the charges you catch if you’re detained. When you’re on-scene (or prepping for an action) take note of what raw materials are already there, for creative uses. You don’t need to bring them, and you don’t have to flee with them. [ dumpsters are all over the place, on wheels, and are not that hard to move – sometimes they contain useful items ]

  1. Know the general Escalation of Force rules that govern the occupiers

Shooting off a fire extinguisher in the vicinity of a cop car is NOT likely to provoke a lethal or less-lethal response. It pushes the boundary of what a cop can completely ignore, what he can feel that he has “under control” – but doesn’t provoke a “shit someone is about to injure or maim an officer” type of reaction. If a cop is scared, he has license to kill you.

  1. You can exert control over where they must spend their strength

When the fire extinguisher hullaballoo went down, the police responded with about eight to ten officers who locked down an adjacent building. This left fewer officers guarding several key tactical lanes, including entrances into the staging area where the fascist transport SUVs were parked. With more coordination and planning, some more impactful shenanigans could have been possible.

  1. Have an escape plan

Being in their face has its place. Being gone before they fully realize what happened really fucks with them

We continue a necessary and bold tradition of anti-oppression insurgency, and we can be wise in using the lessons from our ancestors and our contemporaries in the struggle.

-- lfg

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