Title: towards no future!
Subtitle: an edist.ro collection on understanding the present
Author: silberfuchs
Date: 2021

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the revolution always comes tomorrow

climate change is irreversible and only getting worse. working 40 hours a week isn't enough to survive. corporations--especially companies like Facebook or Amazon---are increasingly essential to our lives. fascists roam the streets attacking our unhoused neighbors. and now, in the middle of an ever worsening global pandemic, we're expected to pretend that everything is back to as it was in February 2020.

what a time to be alive!

feel overwhelmed? it's okay, i was too.

this collection of materials from edist.ro exists to help you understand this particular moment:

  • Desert argues that the world cannot and will not be saved by some social-anarchist revolution. Things are likely going to get worse. But when we cast away our illusions about the future we can recognize the enormous possibilities of the present.[1]

  • Why I left the PSL... tells us that the possibilities of the present can only be realized by us. Not some organization or central committee. It's on us.

  • A Critique of Performative Politics & Symbolic Protest is a reminder that meaningful direct action is action that disrupts existing systems of oppression.

  • Signals of Disorder is meant to inspire you to go steal (or buy, if you must) a nice permanent marker and walk around your city for tactical urban beautification.

  • Towards Insurrection reviews the role anarchists played in the 2020 Uprising and how we can be more effective in the future

  • After the Crest is a zine from the post-Occupy Wall Street era with lessons learned for moving forward after a promising moment of protest has passed.[2]

writing this all in late summer 2021, we all know that the 2020 moment has passed. now is our time to build infrastructure (things like edist.ro itself!), form networks of mutual aid, and spread anarchy, like rainwater running into every crack in the sidewalk.

"find each other" is more than just a section in The Coming Insurrection but our most important task in this anxious moment.

only we can save us. only we can keep us safe.

--- silberfuchs


[1] the full text can be found at https://edist.ro/library/desert

[2] the full text can be found at https://edist.ro/library/crimethinc-after-the-crest

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