…I think that the new can only come from their collision (of anarchist terrorism and creative anarchy), because life is contrast: rational and irrational, hate and love, everything but the mortal, static “balance”. Harmony is the daughter of “imbalance”, of chaos.

Well, what has been hovering for a while has finally manifested itself: on May 5, the anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito, already detained in the AS2 section [High Security 2; Att.Nt) of the Terni prison, received the notification of the application of the 41 bis against him.

This detention regime, requested by the judges and approved by the Ministry of Justice, with the signature of the Minister Marta Cartabia, as we know, involves: the annihilation of the individual, an extension of the isolation, the deprivation of books, the lack of information and news from the outside world… in short, torture.

We can only see in this the last attempt of reprisals, legitimized by the state apparatus, against the coherence and integrity of a revolutionary anarchist comrade who has always claimed with his head held high his path and who has continued to participate in the anarchist debate through publications, books and writings.

This, twenty days before the sentence of the Court of Appeal on the trial Scripta Manent, orchestrated by the pathetic prosecutor Roberto Sparagna, in which the justice distributed tens of years of prison to some comrades, among which Alfredo, under the charges of indiscriminate massacre, subversive association with purpose of terrorism and provocation to the crimes and offences.

We are not interested in the repressive dialectics of the investigators and the courts.

As anarchists, we have always responded to the state’s attempt to monopolize structural violence, which is the basis of oppression and exploitation, with direct and joyful emancipatory violence against those responsible for misery and the structures linked to domination. Therefore, we do not forget Alfredo and, even less, we will not leave him alone.

We reaffirm our closeness and solidarity with our comrade.

For a revolutionary international solidarity! For Anarchy!

May the tension towards Anarchy burn and explode, in our hearts and through our hands...

--- some anarchists from Rome

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