Title: the endless merry-go-round
Subtitle: an edist.ro collection on electoral politics
Author: silberfuchs
Date: 2021

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Can you hear the music? Can you smell the popcorn and fried whatever-on-a-stick? It’s almost like it’s time for the fair again. Snake oil salesmen mobbing you while cutting through the air-conditioned exhibition hall, some selling emu oil that claims to cure Covid, some promising reforms of this or that, telling you how committed they are: “this time is different!” they’ll say.

We’ve seen this movie before. And we all know how it ends. The bold reform becomes the watered down compromise which becomes the limited underfunded pilot program that dies a slow death.

Police “reform!” Low-income housing! Programs for our unhoused neighbors!

All promised by a smiling former hockey star with immaculate teeth and well-groomed hair.

“This time” will never be different. These texts were selected to help you understand why.

with love for Minneapolis,

September 2021

* * * * *
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