Irishman, fighter YPG Finbar Cafferkey has been killed in battle under Bakhmut 19 April. Our condolences to relatives and friends 🌷

It was an honour for GNIP to cooperate with Finbar and be supported by him. One of us met him in Lviv in 2022, he introduced himself as Çiya.

Çiya is a Kurdish pseudonym of Finbar. Before war in Ukraine he joined Kurdish YPGnin 2010.

We found a quote of Çiya where he said why he joined to YPG.

“I see many parallels between the Kurdish struggles and the struggles in Ireland. We are both small countries and we have fought powerful enemies. Kurdistan is divided among four states all of whom are powerful, all of whom have treated the Kurdish people abominably. Again, it’s one of the reasons I admire the YPG and one of the reasons I came here.”

In 2022 when russia massively bombed Ukraine Çiya was here again. First he delivered equipment from Europe and along Ukraine. Then he took the weapon.

It was big happiness to meet you and work with you, Çiya. Thank you. RIP.

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