At its heart

Mass COVID spread is not a “mismanaged” disaster.

It has been shaped over time

to slaughter those who are unprofitable for most to all “work”:

Disabled people.

Initially it was primarily murdering Black and Indigenous disabled people

And it still is

But the anti-Black and anti-Indigenous ableism set a precedent

to establish a “normal” where COVID unevenly punctures all disabled people

at best

isolating and warehousing them from the public

while tending to

murder them.

A status quo which spells death for disabled people.

Just like the last 500 years

With capitalism seeking to have a society of only those “abled” to work

where ableism’s violence is carrying out to achieve this nightmare in its varied forms.

And it is getting more brutal.

Fascism escalates

Cops are killing more people

Transphobia is heightening again –

a double genocide for white disabled trans people

a triple genocide for Black, Indigenous, and other racialized disabled trans people.

Bodily autonomy is being restricted

all while cost of living grows.

And the state-sanctioned genocide is expanding

by removing the mask mandate in the already white supremacist and ableist medical industrial complex

solidifying medical facilities as sites of massacre, as part of the fascism’s escalation.

Phone calls, letters, symbolic protests

on their own

Is proving insufficient when it comes to fighting fascism on occupied Palestinian territory

Had not stopped Pinochet from executing revolutionaries and advancing colonization in Willimapu

Nor is it stopping the Turkish and Iranian state from slaying Kurds & dissidents broadly

As fascism only breaks in the fury of generalized rebellion.

So an animal attacked the house belonging to the CEO of “Oregon’s” largest hospital—OHSU.

Spray paint

Red to signify the martyrs lost to this ableist genocide fueled by COVID spread

smeared this house with symbolism of anarchy

and parking assistance mirrors around the property were smothered with red.

all done in the darkness around spring’s beginning.

The name of this CEO is John G. Hunter.

His address is 2541 SW Montgomery Dr, Portland Oregon.

One of his emails is

Follow up this action however you can

as everywhere is a battlefield where ableism can be fought.

The animal has these final words to say:

“Fuck anti-maskers, Fuck those who eat at restaurants or drink at bars or do stuff that guarantee a COVID infection, Fuck this “normal” of massacres being met with complicity, Fuck white supremacy, Fuck anti-Blackness, Fuck anti-Indigeneity, Fuck all racism, Fuck 12, Fuck the prisons, Fuck colonialism, Fuck the evictions and sweeps, Fuck transphobia, Fuck (trans)misogyny, Fuck patriarchy, Fuck youth oppression, Fuck work, Fuck all industry especially the restaurant and real estate and airline and medical and tourism and music industry, Fuck capitalism, all have the blood of disabled people on their hands!”

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